Canadian DVD release - June 13th!

Foremost distributor Mongrel Media has acquired Canadian distribution rights for Paper Moon Affair and will release the film on DVD June 13, 2006 through an exclusive deal with Blockbuster Canada. The film will be released as part of their prestigious Festival Collection.

Paper Moon Affair nominated
for 5 Leo Awards!

Best Male Performance - Brendan Fletcher
Best Supporting Male Performance - Philip Granger
Best Screenwriting - David Tamagi, Michael Parker,
Jilena Cori

Best Editing - Garry M.B. Smith, Ileana Pietrobruno
Best Cinematography - Robert New

Created to celebrate excellence in British Columbia film and television, the awards ceremony takes place on May 12th and 13th.

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Paper Moon Affair continues to play
the festival circuit.

Paper Moon Affair has been playing at several festivals lately, including the Verona Film Festival in Italy. Honoured to be the sole Canadian feature selected, the festival focuses on romance films.

It has also screened in Toronto at the ReelWorld Film Festival, "Canada's premiere non-profit film festival dedicated to nurturing, promoting and celebrating the full spectrum of racially and culturally diverse films and video." ( and at the Victoria Independent Film and Video Festival ( where it was selected as one of the "Hot Prospects" films to watch by Michael D. Reid at

Having been nominated for 5 Leo Awards, Paper Moon Affair will be playing on April 27th at 9:20pm at the Pacific Cinematheque in Vancouver as part of the Leo Awards Film Festival. For more information, please visit or

For Immediate Release:
Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Paper Moon Affair
selected for the Vancouver International Film Festival

Paper Moon Affair will screen at the Vancouver International Film Festival ( on October 9 and 12th. The film is in competition for The Citytv Western Canada Feature Film Award and The Federal Express Award For Most Popular Canadian Film
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Paper Moon Affair
World Premiere at the Montreal World Film Festival

Paper Moon Affair had its world premiere on August 27, 2005 at the Montreal World Film Festival. It was the only Canadian film selected for competition in the First Features of the World section. For screening times and locations, please click here.

Montreal, QU - Fairchild Films International is proud to present Paper Moon Affair, an enigmatic love tale based on a story by executive producer, Thomas Fung. Produced by Michael Parker , Paper Moon Affair is David Tamagi's feature directorial debut. The ensemble cast consists of Misa Shimizu, Brendan Fletcher, Sebastian Spence, Philip Granger and a special guest appearance by John Lone.

In her first North American film, multiple award winner Misa Shimizu (The Eel, Cannes Palme d'Or 1997, Warm Water Under a Red Bridge, Cannes 2001) stars as "Keiko" an enigmatic Japanese beauty forced to find herself while lost in a remote corner of North America. Paper Moon Affair's lead actor Brendan Fletcher also starred in Bill Marchant's Everyone last year, which won the Golden Zenith Award for "Best Canadian Film". Hong Kong star John Lone (Rush Hour 2, The Last Emperor) makes a special appearance as Keiko's husband.

The film is opening at the Montreal World Film Festival and is selected for Official Competition in the First Features of the World section. Paper Moon Affair is the only Canadian film selected in this category.

PAPER MOON AFFAIR is directed by seasoned International commercial/music video producer/director David Tamagi and marks this young Canadian's debut feature film. Producer Michael Parker (Lunch with Charles) is a pioneer of Asian/Canadian co-productions who has won awards as a writer, director and producer. Music for Paper Moon Affair is composed by Montreal's own Luc. St. Pierre, composer of Malcolm Clarke's Academy Award nominated Prisoner of Paradise.

Executive producer Thomas Fung, is named by Time Magazine as one of the most influential people in Canada. Founder of the Fairchild Group (property development, television and radio broadcasting, publishing, retail, and web design), Fung has also financed several International films including the Hollywood feature, Wild Geese, starring Richard Burton and Roger Moore. He recently launched Fairchild Films International and Paper Moon Affair is the company's inaugural Indie film.

Paper Moon Affair Synopsis:

Keiko (Misa Shimizu The Eel, Cannes Palme d'Or 1997, Warm Water Under a Red Bridge, Cannes 2001) is a radiantly beautiful Japanese woman in her 30's, as mysterious as she is lovely. She and her wealthy Chinese husband (John Lone Bertolucci's The Last Emperor), arrive at a remote corner of the Pacific Northwest close to a small struggling fishing village -- a land unlike anything she has experienced before. Keiko's marriage is troubled, and she distracts herself from her loveless state by folding images of the world she sees around her into delicate origami sculptures.

Keiko wakes up one day to find her husband gone - she has been abandoned. Determined not to be a victim, she takes control of her life. Arriving to town, she meets two men: Vern (Sebastian Spence, Crossing, Dawson's Creek), the handsome local authority, and Hart (Brendan Fletcher Terry Gilliam's Tideland ), a rugged youth of about 19.

Hart is the son of Bill (Philip Granger Flower & Garnet, Lunch With Charles), a local fisherman who is notorious for his drunken binges. Innocent and earnest by nature, Hart has higher aspirations than his sleepy Island community can satisfy. He wants to move to the city to attend school, but there's no money for such an endeavor. Running an errand for the local hardware store leads him to Keiko's remote house where he is offered a glimpse into Keiko's world.

At first sight, Hart is enchanted by Keiko's elegance and exotic beauty and the two engage in an unlikely, platonic relationship. He tries to find out more about her husband, but Keiko reveals nothing. When alone, Keiko experiences a feeling of entrapment. An encounter with Vern sparks a longing for intimacy that has long been missing from her life. The meeting has a profound effect on Vern, and he begins to question his own stale marriage. As their friendship blossoms, Hart feels hurt and betrayed when he thinks that Vern might be having an affair with Keiko.

Keiko's affect on the two men is profound, and she is herself forever changed by her stay there. When Keiko decides she must leave, Hart and Keiko's relationship turns torrid.

Paper Moon Affair Screens:

Saturday, August 27th
Cinema Parisien 2

Sunday, August 28th
Cinema Parisien 2

Monday, August 29th
Cinema Parisien 2

and lead actor BRENDAN FLETCHER
will be in attendance at all
Montreal World Film Festival screenings.

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